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Great Executioner, Terrible Starter

Where does being an "Executioner" rather than a "Starter" this stem from and why do I alway fall into this trap?

Ever found yourself sitting on the couch watching reruns of American Pickers, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Housewives of... knowing there is something you could/should be doing to better yourself, business, or those around you? Struck by fear of failure, it is easier to avoid any progress and continue the procrastination with the mind numbing mundane.  

When tasks are defined and an end date placed in front of me, I am a great Executioner.  Why then do I choose to avoid starting something/anything to progress? It is be a product of FEAR.  Fear that setting when setting my own I will fall short, Fear that I will go in the wrong direction, Fear that I will let someone else down, or be judged negatively.  So I find myself falling back to my comfort zone of waiting for a goal/tasks to be presented or defined.

It is a learned skill taught by our educational system and little league sports. The system we grew up in was deigned to create doers of tasks, factory workers, drones. Tasks are/were predetermined and rewards given for "Completing" the task correctly.  Therefore to be a "high achievers" I learn to do tasks well. The problem I run into as a small business owner,  I have to define these tasks and it paralyzes me with fear so i wait for a customer or someone else to define the task. 

This Fear to start is always unfounded, every time I break out of my comfort zone and start a project with my own ideas and end goals it is never as difficult, impossible, terrifying as I make it while in paralysis by fear filled procrastination mode.  

My advice to myself is let of if the Fear of being judged and to take more chance, write down more goals, define scary ideas further and become more of a Starter because I know that i can Execute if i just have an end goal on paper.  




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